Obiectivo at Richmond Cyber Resilience Forum in Gubbio

Obiectivo participated at the 2° edition of the Richmond Cyber Resilience Forum, organized on 21 – 22 June 2018 in Gubbio. An extremely interesting two-day meeting for one of the best Italian events of the sector, with many topics addressed and a match between demand and supply.

Pamela Pace Partner of Obiectivo gave a speech on #DataValue & #DataKiller in which Francesco Tusino, Corporate CISO of CNP Partners, was guest and co-presenter.

The focus of the speech was to highlight how the data are now essential assets for all companies but, at the same time, if not properly handled they can be potential killers. It also pointed out the fundamentals that must not be underestimated in order to achieve an appropriate Cyber Resilience level