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In the last decade an exponential “digitalization” growth of internal business processes and those in interaction between the company and customers/users has been performed. Business processes are now increasingly reliant on IT assets which have always represent an important key-element in the past, and have become a strategic resource today.

Cyber risk, which has been considered a secondary risk is now assuming a bigger relevance and is considered one of the most critical between risks due to three main reasons:

  • The strategic nature of IT assets itself
  • The increase of “attacks” to the IT infrastructures caused by the bigger relevance and higher value that information has for companies
  • Ease of performing “attacks” due to the very low costs of carrying out most of the offensive actions

Cyber Risk thus has turned into Business Risk.

Therefore, information security must be managed organically and combined within the several organizational functions. Above all it must increasingly become a topic to the top management attention, as for other risks such as market, technology and credit risk.

The goal is the full integration of cyber risk within the enterprise risk management, starting from a strategy definition and a proper management process.

About Us

Obiectivo is an advisory company, specialized in the management of information security. Thanks to a consolidated mix of managerial and technical skills, it supports its customers in identifying, addressing and managing information security, tailoring this activity to the specific needs of the individual company. Obiectivo has been part of Innovery Spa since 2020, which has acquired 100% of its share capital. Controlled by Wise Equity, Innovery is an Italian multinational leader company in the ICT area, specialized in the cybersecurity sector, with eleven locations distributed in Italy, Spain and Mexico.

With the support of Innovery, Obiectivo aims to accelerate and expand the national and international development plan already undertaken in past years.

Today, Obiectivo is identified by the market as a cyber security boutique, which bases its activity on:


in terms of services and solutions


in terms of approach to the topics


projects One2One designed

Obiectivo’s services are requested by the productive and service large enterprises, the central public administration and, in wide terms, all the companies that want to handle this issue in an efficient and organic way. The company is present in Italy with two different locations in Rome and Milan and has started the internationalization process.

Our Partnership


Law Firm Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe – Maintains visibility in corporate and commercial disputes. The “innovative and sophisticated” approach is pleasing to funds, service companies and energy companies.


Obiectivo has developed a partnership with the PALO ALTO Business School, the most important non-academic business school in Italy, to provide training courses to C Levels in Cyber ​​Security sphere.