Cyber Security

Skills Improvement

Awareness and skills growth within the entire organization are the fundamental element for a correct cyber security strategy implementation. Over 90% of successful cyber attacks are pursued exploiting people's vulnerabilities. To pursue this goal, no one should be left behind: top managers, technical departments and all employees. The element of success is given by the sensibility and the awareness level of the company to this issue.



successful cyber attacks

are pursued

exploiting people's vulnerabilities

To achieve this goal,

we have developed awareness and skill growth projects,

designed for the different organizational level:

Information Security Training

In a socio-economic context in which change prevail, new technologies lead and competition is international and increasingly competitive, organizations need to grow and improve their employees skills with personalized training programs. In order to meet these needs we offer information security training plans. Each course is based on the specific training needs and the audience involved. The projec is performed withtraditional training methods such as classroom-presentation, or interactive methods such as interactive clips, webinars, etc.

Information Security Coaching

Information security is one of the most relevant key-element of digitization and a driver for the growth and development of the company business. This is why innovation cannot exist without an appropriate and careful information security management. To support organizations on these topics, which means managing different issues such as governance aspects, regulation-compliance, international compliance, technological issues, etc, we offer operational support for both senior professionals - such as CISO, CIO, Risk Manager - and operational teams. A targeted support which aims to achieve its goals by developing efficient behaviors directly in the field.

Information Security Awareness

Awareness projects and education programs have different communication codes and methods. For the first one memorability of the message is generated by the communication and its impact. in the second case the clarity of exposition and the informal and partecipatory tone are essential for the internalization of information. For this reason we offer awareness campaigns with great communicative and emotional impact which have have also the goal to educate by entertaining. This is a useful approach which stimulates interest and gives to the participants an active role in keeping the appropriate behavior.

CyberPosture Coaching

Being aware that stranger may know all of us is vital to protect ourselves and the company. Every day we release on Internet a lot of personal information that can become a threat in the hands of skilled criminals. They can be used to gain our trust or determine the way, the time and place to hit us. The Risk Profile Assessment of these information - the one that we release on the web, on Facebook, Twitter or blogs - is the first step towards a safer business and personal life. With our services we offer to our Clients the risk evaluation of their company and its key people. And through a specific digital habit analysis we will also help you to understand which one of them can expose your company to a risk and suggest you how mitigate them.



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