On September 20th in the splendid Palazzo Carli in Verona, at the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces Command, was held the event “SAFETY is FREEDOM: THE CYBER SECURITY BETWEEN CULTURE, STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT” The topic of this event was the analysis of Cyber Security as an intangible heritage element for all the organizations, regarding the data information, which is very often underestimated.

The event was particularly interesting because it involved the organizations C Levels and not only sector experts. The goal was to point – out how Cyber Security is not only a technical process, but it applies multiple areas of the organization such as human resources, internal processes, cultural, legal, organizational … and first and foremost it must be promoted and applied organization key-people.

The involvement of the Army Joint Forces Command created also a very interesting parallel on how this topic is becoming increasingly relevant in the military dimension and how similar the interpretation and the response to these “new” risk categories are.

“The first cyber risk countermeasure is to understanding that this is a subject that concerns us all, firstly free citizens and after professionals. “Defensive” technology cannot exist if not supported by the application of good practices. Moreover there is no kind of risk that can be mitigated if not previously understood and identified as such. In this process of raising awareness and applying good practices, companies managers must the first promoters ”, said Pamela Pace Partner of Obiectivo Technology, an information and cyber security consulting company. “The success of this event was immediately measurable by the active participation of all the professionals in the theater who perfectly grasped the spirit and value of this type of initiatives that should be carried out more often”, added Pamela Pace.