Partnership Obiectivo / BeST


Obiectivo Technology, an Information & Cyber Security sector Advisory Company located in Milan and Rome, started an important collaboration with Be Strategic Solutions (BeST), a prestigious Israeli start that develops crisis scenarios simulation platform.

Through this agreement, supported by Commercial and Investment Department of Embassy Of Israel in Italy, Obiectivo becomes Preferred Partner of BeST in Italy of this innovative platform that will integrate the advisory services in Information & Cyber Security sector of Obiectivo.

On July 2th in Milan will be held the first event to present the platform and this collaboration. The event will be supported by LVenture Group at Milan LUISS Hub.

“Thanks to our specific experience we hope to provide to our clients,” said Pamela Pace, Obiectivo’s Partner, an innovative and fundamental support to enable them to apply their information & cyber security procedures in a simulated situation having all reality characteristics. With us, they will be able to verify on the ground the correctness and completeness of the procedures and the team response, in order to identify the weaknesses and corrective actions needed to quickly and effectively face the frequent and dangerous problems in this sector.”

The test on the ground of procedures and of the involved roles correct behavior has always been a fundamental activity that aims to minimize the effects arising from events (whatever the origin they have) that can cause damaging or catastrophic consequences; lets think to the abandon ship drill required for cruise passengers or earthquake exercise that regularly take place in Japanese offices and schools.

“It’s necessary to understand” added Pamela Pace” that real behavior of all involved roles during an unexpected event can be very different (and ineffective) from rules described in the manuals, often abandoned after their drawing.”

Dotan Sagi, CEO of BeST adds: “Our international experience in the development of crisis scenario simulation platforms combined with Obiectivo’s experience in Information security advisory makes this partnership particularly important because it allows companies to be equipped with an additional and very important cyber risks resilience tool. Through the use of this solution, in fact, the whole organization will have the opportunity to grow both in awareness and operational and organizational point of view.”

Last but not least, the name: in Italy the tool will be named CYBER JUMANJI (who doesn’t remember the Robin Williams’ film ?) due to the capability to accurately reproduce situation of sudden danger and for the involvement, on the edge between simulation and real life, that requires reasoned and resolutive behaviors to avoid dramatic consequences.

Milan, 6 June 2019

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