Obiectivo and BeST: Cyber Jumanji creation

A very successful event took place on 2 July in Milan for the presentation of the Cyber Jumanji solution with the support of the the Sales and Investment Office of the Israel Embassy. A partnership created between Obiectivo, an Italian information and cyber security Advisory Company and the Israeli BeST, an innovative startup on the development of crisis scenario simulation platforms.

CYBER JUMANJI, this is the evocative name of this solution, which promises to completely redefine the ways that we use today to run crisis scenarios simulations. Through an immersive simulation platform and with the support of the advisory team, will be possible to test core processes and procedures, but also non-formalized practices. It will also allow to verify organization correctness and the preparation and responsiveness level of the team. How ? Replicating the actual scenario in which they must be applied.

CYBER JUMANJI is a real revolution vs the current simulation models. current models do not give the possibility to test all the procedure phases or evaluate, with impartial data, the results that have emerged. Moreover, they completely alter the actual scenario of the application, making the exercise performed ineffective and useful.

Through the CYBER JUMANJI solution all this will be completely overcome. The tool is easily usable and totally consistent with covering their simulation needs in a real scenario. Another fundamental element in completing the tools available to companies to fight cyber crime.

Credit: Sales and Investment Office of the Embassy of Israel